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May 2, 2014 7:00pm PDT
a lot of business interests in russia a single cent. in germany an awesome friend sent me this was the sanctions area and i come back to inti into the hat the eu and the degree of greenwich in the us has less at stake in the eu and the thing kept a journal has to say once again cnn's dutch bank that france has you add it to be a match except that each run shot to be improved if the sanctions were doing on the wrong manner and they're pushing one step too much they can be like no one on your neck shrink and it's bringing the total stock market as well. santa clara markets treatments. we can market disliked i know we live in the globalized world where china and russia. a lot more corn and hot gases and this is the chili stew because europe is really not found a good replacement for whatever gas whatever energy to getting from russia that has a lot of talk about ramping up nuclear development even in germany which has sworn off to the development their talks with france about a new energy future which has got to include nuclear few talking about france. so until the console i
May 1, 2014 7:00pm PDT
the conversation isn't the same in germany as it is in france dominated. what good is also tradition of action awesome photo today what is happening but said he would need is a very different economic situation bend and fonts. i remember about a month and invited him to be at an ad and its political arm of the grand coalition that. yes but that nothing in terms of condition has improved in the last months the radiation because the between the participants the soonest and this movement and its bbb their long term contracts to know each other since long time not going to cost it up so that helps but didn't. i was in two thousand at the conference where have the intention was upping the dominion funds needed to read it lacks times of yore i doubt that the tapes to dvd tape so the unions stable country who took it off to success on the true doctrine um i think at the moment they're quite happy that germany had it not because of gas today has been a wreck or something since tricky to use the lowest unemployment figure is therefore in april it's not two points to nine million baht. it's just too muc
Apr 29, 2014 7:00pm PDT
truly because when you look in the balance of trade with germany vs eu. it's about equal. when you look at value of goods germany exports to the u n in imports from you in there about the same town where germany has been good is in the exporting of view of the asian markets and off you know that exploiting bills market opportunities which to me don't seem so much to be constrained by cost. it's not cost that blocks you from delivering high quality goods to china to cost. it's not a question of the german labor costs than has any impact on animal machine tools that are exported and high prices to china square is to europe there is a balance of goods exported to europe and imported from europe. when you look at it between germany it's not easy. back to the question belt tightening. many of the left of the socialist party staying away from the vote this tuesday for saying that they would abstain. when lily white and one cleaned up finances with sluggish great but nor do i want to kill spent and household purchasing power or investment in the region is expected of them. sen wanted diet heal
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3